2021-07-31 15:56:28

Massive Rewards Up For Grabs In The Phemex Olympics Trading Competition

Cryptocurrency exchange Phemex has announced it is hosting an Olympics competition for traders. The competition will give traders a chance to earn rewards based on their trading volume and return on investments (ROI). The competition is scheduled to start at the end of July on the 30th. Kick-off time has been placed at 8 AM UTC. The Olympics will run for two weeks until August 13th at 8 AM UTC. Check the Phemex Olympics website to register and monitor your progress. Phemex has decided to take a page from the playbook of the Tokyo Olympics, which was recently kicked off. They’re giving their own “players” a chance to win prizes in their own sport of crypto trading. Traders will be ranked according to their trading volume and speed of achieving a certain ROI. Participants in the competition only need to sign up for Phemex and meet the requirements for enrollment. Phemex Olympics Trading Competition Rewards The Phemex competition is divided into two categories. Based on which requirements they meet, users can participate in one or both categories of the Phemex Olympics. These categories include weightlifting, ranked by highest trading volume at the end of the event, and sprinting, based on who can reach 500% ROI the fastest. Weightlifting competitors will be rewarded based on the following table: Prize/Participants <250 250-500 >500 Rank 1 10,000 USD 12,500 USD 20,000 USD Rank 2 5,000 USD 7,500 USD 10,000 USD Rank 3 3,000...

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