2021-07-21 23:00:05

Bitcoin Volume Continues To See Yearly Lows As Price Struggles To Recover

Bitcoin’s seven-day average trading volumes have continued to remain low, as the seven-day average trading volumes only reaching $3 billion. This comes on the heels of the digital asset seeing declining volatility in the market. The bitcoin trading market had seen a marked shift in trends as the average trading volumes remain at yearly lows. This trend follows the trend seen in trading volumes from last summer. Bitcoin volume had also remained low last summer, and this summer so far has followed the same trend. Bitcoin trading volumes had seen a small recovery after a dip in June when crypto trading volumes were down all across the board. But now, volumes have continued to plummet. Related Reading | Retail Traders Pile On Shorts, Is This The Bitcoin Bottom? Bitcoin’s daily trading volume had hit its peak towards the end of May and the beginning of June before recording a sharp decline in its trading volume in the market. Bitcoin Volatility Continues To Decline Bitcoinist had reported back in June that the digital asset’s volatility levels had declined to the lowest levels since the bull run had begun back in 2020. So far, there has not been much change since the report had been posted. Bitcoin volatility continues to follow the dipping price of the digital asset, which has continued to stagnate since the crash started after hitting a new all-time high. BTC total market cap back up above $600B |...

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