2022-08-17 15:16:55

Create Your Magic With Community-Driven Crypto App Store, Magic Square

The number of projects and tokens that we have in existence pose a major problem in crypto today. According to CoinMarketCap, as of today, there are a total of 20,575 cryptocurrencies in existence. This culminates in the current market cap of $1.147 trillion and a trading volume of $77 billion in the last 24 hours. All these figures show you how big of an industry the crypto market is. And because of this, there are many guidelines and steps users need to always follow. Plenty of ins and outs to navigate and log out of and many efforts required to keep track of wallets, credentials and keys. Apart from cryptocurrencies and tokens, there are thousands of softwares and applications on the internet. Brilliant creations like these by developers have unintentionally created a chaotic experience for both users and developers. As a result of this, there’s not so much order, ease and trust going around in the crypto app space. This is fast becoming a problem, especially for newbies to the space. As a newbie will come to realise, blockchain technology and most crypto projects (especially the earlier ones) are built without taking the user experience into cognition. The average user who isn’t familiar with the technical know-how behind how the space works gets frustrated quickly and no longer wants to be a part of the system. There are also no multi-chain real crypto app stores for developers, which allows them to monetise and market th...

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